We love Christine Hart’s Sussex Jams & Chutneys, another Sussex local artisan producer. We spoke to her to find out a little bit about her story ….

Born in Arundel and a proud Mullet, (the name given to a person born in Arundel), I have been associated with the town and castle all my life. Once my children had left for university, I decided I would do something for myself, so I went back to college to obtain my Royal Horticultural Society qualifications. Having gained the knowledge on how to grow, I wanted to put that knowledge into practice so I started to reorganise my garden for my business needs.

I hate waste and throwing things away and for a keen gardener that becomes a problem. All gardeners know you are at the vagaries of the weather and back in 2010 we had a summer which produced an excess of runner beans. After giving away a mountain of them to my family and neighbours I still had too many so I decided to freeze some, but as the freezer quickly filled, that just left preserving. I trawled the internet and found a recipe, but as it did not taste very good I started to tweak and develop my own recipes. A principal I still maintain today is to only making small batches where every batch is made to taste. Having now made a large quantity of Runner Bean Piccalilli, I had 3 options, to either eat it myself, give it to long suffering relatives or sell it. I decided to give a local farmers market a try but realising that only one product would restrict sales, I opted to make a variety of jams and chutneys from my excess produce. Fortunately, people liked them and I am very happy to say we have never looked back.

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